The Allround VP sizers are designed to separate vegetables according to their diameter and length.

Diameter sizer

The Allround diameter sizers (picture above), are equipped with lateral stainless steel rollers. The distance between theses rollers changes in steps over the different grading stages. Conveyor belts are placed under the machine, one for each size. When the distance between the rollers changes above the size sections, every second roller lowers its position. This ensures a proper positioning of the product between the rollers. The speed is adjustable by frequency control and the machine is equipped with a special greasing system.

Chunk/length sizers

The Allround chunk / length sizers are made for sorting out carrots or similar shaped products. These machines are designed to take out the oversized carrots because these will not fit in the packaging, or to take out the broken and undersized carrots. These machines can be delivered with various numbers of grading.

The bed of the sizer is made of stainless steel, making sure the machine is 100% product safe. The frame is made of galvanized steel to ensure a long life-span.

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