Bunch vegetable washer

For a fast and efficient way to thoroughly clean vegetables and fruits of all kinds, in bunches or individually. 9 rows of spray nozzles all around the conveyor belt, adjustable in angle, height, flow and pressure provide a cleaning adapted to each produce.


Bunch vegetable washer model 136-SS


. All stainless steel heavy duty construction

. Polypropylene food grade conveyor belt

. Motor with variable speed, 110 volts

. Safety curtains on the inlet and outlet of the cleaning section adjustable in height

. Cleaning section:

  • 9 independent spray outlets with a total of 40 nozzles
  • Each outlet has a valve to regulate pressure, open or close
  • Upper nozzles adjustable left to right
  • Upper nozzles adjustable in height
  • Angle of the lateral nozzles adjustable

. Food grade ball bearings, industrial quality

. Adjustable legs with wheels

. Optional water recovery tank, 70 US gals capacity (270 litres)

. Overflow water filtering system with screen

. 1 HP recirculation pump

. Water recovery tank with swivel wheels and locks

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