Cabbage harvester Commander I

Cabbage harvester COMMANDER I

Gentle enough so you can keep cabbages in storage for up to 9 months (with side conveyor)!

Univerco’s cabbage harvester distinguishes itself from the competition. It allows you to gently harvest cabbages, making it possible to keep them in long term storage without losing product due to mechanical bruising. The height of the cutting disc can be adjusted on-the-go to ensure a precise cut of the cabbage root according to the type of cabbage and ground conditions.

  • Does not damage crops
  • Cutting height adjustable on-the-go by the operator or from the back of the machine
  • Operator can decide to keep more or less leaves on-the-go
  • Lateral movement of the picker controlled from the cab
  • Replaces at least 15 to 20 workers in the field
  • Harvest capacity of approximately 250 boxes per day
  • Types of loading conveyors available :
  • For long term storage:


  • For processing or fresh market:


Ideal for cabbage or broccoli


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