Onion harvester Challenger I

Onion harvester CHALLENGER I


Designed specifically to harvest short day onions

This is our most versatile model, built to harvest long or short day onions with minimal mechanical damage

  • Designed to harvest in mineral-rich soil conditions
  • Cuts more than 95% of onion tops in most conditions
  • Ideal for harvesting in dry or wet conditions
  • The quality of work of the topper table is not affected by weeds
  • Topper table angle and speed are adjustable to ensure a maximum of onion tops removal and minimal damage
  • Picker in 2 sections to eliminate dirt or derbis as early as possible in the harvest process, thus reducing potential damage to the onions
  • Several options available
  • Steering axle (optional)
  • 3 surveillance cameras (optional)
  • Hydraulic chute to minimize the drop of the onions at the end of the loading conveyor
  • Built to resist harsh harvesting conditions
  • Harvest capacity of up to 35 – 40 tons/hour


Brushes under the topper table

With a back and forth movement, help maintain the rollers of the topper table clean, reducing potential staining or bruising of the onions.

Sorting table

Very useful to eliminate rocks or other debris before the topper table always with the objective to minimize bruising of the onions.

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