Service is the lifeblood of an organization. At Univerco service is not only a department, it’s an attitude!

To ensure the success of a company, customer service must meet the highest standards at all steps of the relationship. It begins with the recommendations of the sales team that assists the customer in making the selection of equipment that will best answer his needs. Then the entire production group gets involved to make sure the product will be built with the high-quality standards that the customer expects and within the established timeframe. To deliver a product that will meet the customers’ expectations, this is our first commitment.

When comes the time to start-up the equipment, a group of experienced and well-trained technicians are available to assist you, on site or on the phone, to insure a successful start-up. The start-up of an equipment is always a crucial moment in the relationship with our customers. This is the best moment to answer the majority of the questions regarding details that may sometime look subtle, but very important for the proper functioning of the equipment in order to provide years of satisfactory performance for the customer. This is also the best time for our technicians to report the various customers’ requests or questions to our various departments, be in sales, production or product development.

Every piece of equipment will eventually wear with time and will need to be repaired, our parts and service departments are ready to answer the call. Our service department will assist you to determine, if necessary, which parts need to be replaced. With more than 11 000 parts listed and a fast parts turnaround, our parts department will do its very best to make sure the requested parts get to you as fast as possible. We fully understand that our customers buy a piece of equipment to answer a specific need and cannot afford prolonged downtime. To make sure your Univerco equipment will have as few downtimes as possible, here’s our second commitment.