Weeder Eco I

Mechanical weeder

Ecoweeder 1 row

PTO driven

Used for more than 20 years by thousands of vegetable and row crop growers around the world!

Save time and money with the Eco I. Can weed up to 6 acres per day depending on row and plant spacings.

. Will weed around and between each plant on the row itself
. Eliminates the use of herbicides
. For row spacings of 30’’ or more
. Category II, 3-point hitch
. No hydraulic required from the tractor
. Possibility to offset the machine when the tractor is straddling 2 rows

. Can receive the hydraulic driven in-between the row option, to weed in-between the rows as well as in the row to eliminate all weeds in one pass

. Standard discs are 10” diameter, 7’’ discs and 10″ discs with curved tines for plastic mulch are optional

10″ disc                       7″ disc                           10″ with curved tines

. Approximate weight 350 lbs

Ideal to weed in:
• Pumpkins
• Zucchinis
• Strawberries
• Cabbages
• Cauliflowers
• Cucumbers
• Bell peppers
• Raspberries
• Hemp
• And many more !

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