Weeder Eco Multi-row

Mechanical weeder

Ecoweeder Multi-row 

Drive: hydraulic (main power source), belt (final drive for each disc)

For larger operations, high capacity, simple and easy to use!

  • Efficiency proven since 2003 !
  • Available in any size from 2 to 8 rows
  • Can weed up to 6 acres/day/row depending on spacing
  • Weeding units bolted on a tool bar, can adapt to any row spacing over 30″
  • Possible to weed in fields with different row spacings with the same machine
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable disc rotation speed
  • Each weeding unit is mounted on a heavy-duty parralel linkage, so they all follow the ground contour indivdually and always weed at a constant depth

  • Independent suspension for each weeding unit to compensate for the differences in weight of each operator

  • Safety cut-off switch between each seat

  •  Standard discs are 10″ diameter,  7″ discs and discs with curved tines for plastic mulch are optional

10″ disc                        7″ disc                      disc with curved tines



For more details and options, visit www.weederforhemp.com

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