Carrot harvester G4-PRO

Carrot harvester G4-PRO

This model combines over 30 years of constant improvements on our previous models, making it the best 1-row harvester on the market!

  • Harvesting speeds : 1,8 to 6,2 mph (3 to 10 km/h)
  • 30″ wide loading conveyor with 6″ high cleats (blades) can be folded in narrow position for transport
  • Improved picker:
    • Picker 50’’ longer
    • Better visibility of the picker (6’’ longer compared to others)
    • Provides improved foliage removal, which greatly reduces leaf residue in the loading conveyor
    • Belt cleaners that remove the toughest leaves
  • Redesigned and sturdier share lifter
  • Belt speed indpendent from knives speed
  • Electric belt tensioners
  • Improved 4″ pulleys
    • Do not require lubrication
    • No water infiltration
  • Large capacity oil tank


Optional power roller points

Help lift foliage in front of the picker belts

Hydraulically driven


Optional full automatic system (row finder and height control)

Guide wheel following the ground contour to ensure a constant harvest depth

“Row finder” sensors at the front of the picker to keep the picker centered on the row at all times

These 2 functions are automatic without operator intervention, but can also be overriden manually


Optional Finger table

Rotating rubber fingers to clean the produce before it gets in the bins

More vegetables and less dirt to carry

Easily interchangeable with the standard table


Optional Cleaner for the finger table

Turn counter to the finger table to keep the rubber fingers clean


Can harvest the following vegetables without modification :

  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Parsnips
  • Rutabagas
  • Turnips

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