Design and innovation: get off the beaten path!

Every year Univerco allows an important part of its budget to the research and development of new products. With multiple special projects already to its credit, Univerco offers design, manufacturing and modification services for any personalized project. You can expect quality, performance and durability when you choose Univerco for your custom project.

You are looking for a product that you cannot find on our website? Contact us and we will put our 40 years of experience in the design of farm equipment to work, most of our products came to life following customer requests, you ever know!

Examples of special projects conducted over the years :

.                Broccoli harvester

.                Carrot harvester 2-row with tracks

.                Share lifter for various root crops

.                6-row rear mount radish harvester

.          Several custom conveyors and components for washing lines

.                And much more!