Weeder Eco HI

Mechanical weeder

Ecoweeder 1 row-HI 

Hydraulic driven

Save time and money with the Eco HI. Can weed up to 6 acres per day depending on row and plant spacings.

. Will weed around and between each plant on the row itself
. Eliminates the use of herbicides
. For row spacings of 30’’ or more
. Category II, 3-point hitch
. Possibility to offset the machine when the tractor is straddling 2 rows
. Can receive the hydraulic driven in-between the row option, to weed between the rows as well as in the row to eliminate all weeds in one pass

. Standard discs are 10″ diameter, 7″ discs and 10″ discs with curved tines for plastic mulch are optional


10″ disc                      7″ disc                          10″ with curved tines


. Approximate weight 350 lbs