Onion harvester Rider I

Onion harvester RIDER I


Ideal for harvesting in dry or wet conditions

Cutting of leaves not affected by weeds

Robust and affordable, the most efficient for fast harvesting of hard/long day onions.

Rider I is equipped with a 40″ wide picker that carries onions onto a 16 roller topper table with a spread arm to ensure a good distribution.

  • Cuts more than 95% of onion tops in most conditions
  • Harvest capacity of up to 35 to 40 tons/hour
  • Ideal for harvesting in dry or wet conditions
  • The quality of work by the topper table is not affected by weeds at all
  • The time that onions will remain on the topper table is adjustable
  • Loading conveyor speed and folding is controlled from the tractor cab
  • Loading conveyor long enough to reach the second row of boxes on a trailer

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