The Ecoweeders: THE solution for hemp growers!

# 20 May, 2020

With the legalization of hemp cultivation in open fields in the USA in 2019, several growers all over the country have decided to try this new crop with huge potential, particularly for CBD products. Since herbicides are not allowed for this crop, weed control quickly became a major challenge for the growers.

The row spacings as well as the distance between the plants on the row being considerable, it was a perfect fit for the Ecoweeder. Univerco had sold Ecoweeder 1 and 2 rows since 1999 and multi-row machines since 2003, but none in hemp yet. The first interested growers came from Kentucky in February 2019, then several machines were sold all over the country from New York to California and Oregon to Alabama. Colorado being an important hemp producing state, many growers have used the Ecoweeder and one of them shared his experience at the end of the season. Luke Johnson from CloudCo Farms in Alamosa, Colorado said :

« The Ecoweeder is the best option we have found the cultivation of hemp in a hemp field. Not only does it get the weeds between the rows, but also between plants! The unit is affordable, reliable and highly effective »

Since then, Univerco has continued to expand its dealer network all across the United States to serv this emerging market as well vegetable growers which has been the traditional market for the Ecoweeder since 1999.